Welcome to UK’s biggest forum about gambling sites and igaming. In recent years, the market for online casino and betting companies has exploded. For players this is a very welcome development, as more players simultaneously mean tougher competition for the players. A fierce competition forces each gambling company to carefully consider what kind of promotions to attract players to their side, which in turn means greater rewards for the individual player.

As the market grows and the offers get better and better for the players, it becomes more and more difficult to understand what kind of bonuses that is the best. We want to run a gamblingportal that collects all information about available casino and betting bonuses so that the player can concentrate on what’s fun; to gamble online. Our ambition is that the player should be able to visit us and in a few minutes be able to look forward to the most attractive casino offers available at the moment. That way, the player can be sure that they choose right in the jungle of online casinos and betting companies in UK.

On WiiTalk you can read about:

  • What betting bonuses each player offers. As the game of players has stalled, it has become a standard in the industry to offer a betting bonus for new customers. This can be a bonus of up to several hundred percent on the customer’s first deposit, but many game pages also offer bonus on both the second, third and fourth deposit. Some casinos have even gone so far that they now offer new casino bonuses each week for those customers who choose to stay at the casino. We at WiiTalk help you to sell among the market’s all promotions. We want to help you compare different offers in terms of both the size of the bonus itself and the turnover requirement that the casino has for you to be able to withdraw your bonus money as a player.
  • In addition to bonuses in the form of money, many gaming companies and casinos also offer special offers for free spins or free bets. These usually mean that as a customer you get a number of free games on one or more selected machines or matches. Just like the deposit bonuses, the gaming companies differ from one another and it can be difficult to know where and when to get the best deal as a customer. At WiiTalk we list all the ”free spins” bonuses out there to help the player find the right one.
  • Another important issue when it comes to gaming on a online casino or betting page is the safety of the customer. Most importantly, the casino has a license in the EU. Then the player knows that you can trust that the operations are carefully controlled and that the player is serious. In addition, winnings from a casino with an EU license are tax-free, which does not apply to the casinos licensed in a non-EU country. Sometimes it can be difficult to find information about where the specific company has its license and this is also something that the player can quickly help with at WiiTalk.

We are here to help the serious player. At WiiTalk you can find all the information needed to sell among all new online casinos and thus spend the time playing the games.

Old Nintendo Wii forum

This revolutionary gaming system lets you feel like you’re actually participating in the games you play. It’s ready to enjoy right out of the box. Wii Sports allows you to enjoy five sporting activities from the comfort of your home, and make you feel almost as if you were actually playing them.

You can play tennis, go bowling, play baseball, golf and even box. There are a number of other exciting games that have been introduced for the Wii over the years, which offer just as active a gaming experience. But this doesn’t mean that all of the games are active ones. That’s right, there are games which do not use these active capabilities of the console.

Getting back to the active games, among the best ones out there today is the Wii Fit. This is an interactive exercise video game. It is the closest thing to actually exercising in a video game.

Now the Wii balance board provides even better functionality which allows individuals to exercise using this interactive gaming experience. For a hardcore gamer, this may seem like a little too much activity. There are many other games that can be considered enjoyable for them to try out as well like We Ski.

And finally, for the musically inclined, there’s Rock Band and Dance Dance Revolution. Both these games make use of all of the Wii’s technology to create an experience that is almost like being at an actual club or playing in an actual rock band. Isn’t that fantastic?