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Should Wii Complain?

Written by a WiiTalk member on Friday, 10 July 2009No Comment

Written by Lepruk86

I still notice a lot of disgruntled *core* gamers moaning and whining about the Wii’s line-up. I find it hard to believe this far into the development of the console that people aren’t at least somewhat pleased with the current dish of titles available. Especially considering Ninty’s push towards the casual market and splitting its focus between their previous fans and their new found profit stream (aka the casual).

I think Nintendo are currently the only truly diverse company with appeal to all kinds of gamers and non. Whilst the other companies are now making headway into the non-gaming market; it seems good ol’ Ninty is still standing tall and proud of their odd console off-spawn in terms of recognition and accessibility.

But still people complain and whine and moan and….. well…. everything. Now granted; people are ALWAYS going to moan about something… and with the wide install base that the Wii has it is to be expected; but I don’t recall people complaining and groaning about the PS2 quite this much and it’s install base in comparable with Wii.

I wanted to take a quick think about the games that are on the system currently. Because if you really sit back and look at the library; there is quite a fine mix of styles and games to suit all. Now I know having one game every six months isn’t as good as the ps3/360 situation where they essentially have at least 1 game a month worth playing. But has their really been that much of a drought the last 12 months? With incredibly mature games like Madworld making their way onto the Wii exclusively; as well as a Dead Rising port (the fact that it exists is important) - I just feel that if you were expecting much more from your little white box; then you simply had your hopes too high.

I actually think we should thank Nintendo rather than hate them. Because they don’t milk us until we are dry and brittle (to coin an odd phrase) but rather offer decent games every 2-3 months and give us time to really sit down and enjoy them. I mean; when did gaming become about having the KOOLEST NEW GAME and not about simply buying a game and playing it until you have discovered every last secret… Think about it; when was the last game you completed to 100% FULL completion (including found all secrets and beat on all settings??)…. Because if you are anything like me; it will probably be something back in the PS1 or even Snes era where a game HAD to last you longer than a week.

Take a look at your current collection; I bet everyone has at least 25% of the games on their shelves with unfinished tasks or final bosses that still need taking out or even sub-par skills/ranks/bonuses unlocked.

Now I am not a deluded optimist trying to see the good in everything the big N does; nor’ am I particularly a fanboy of either of the three big companies. They don’t need an army of nerds defending them; they have enough money towers to guard them from any truly hostile attacks. There is an absolute HOST of games that I want to be released that I am just not hearing about (Kid Icarus… still M.I.A it seems???)…
But I do think when all is said and done; us as consumers do need to be just a little bit more trusting and actually sit back and realise how lucky we are with the current choices available to us; and if you really don’t like it then save those pennies and get a 360 or ps3 to compliment your Wii - even if I don’t play mine as regularly as my other consoles I am still very glad to have it there when those gem titles do come along.

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