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Why do we complain?

Written by Sherlock on Monday, 15 December 20086 Comments

A search for “Wii” and “Lacking” brings 5 pages worth of threads, most of which legitimate at first glance.  I’m as guilty as anyone with my complaints.  “The system doesn’t have enough ’hardcore’ games.  There aren’t enough racing games.  It’s a gimmick console.  There aren’t enough new games coming out.  It isn’t HD.  The graphics are barely better than the PS2″

But, I haven’t sold my console. I’ve bought another to compliment it, but the Wii still sits on my TV stand.  I play Mario Kart pretty regularly.  I look for new games to get my attention.  Millions of people have made the Wii the top selling console for years now.  So, why do we complain so often about a system that has done nothing but impress since its release? 

I wrote in another blog that the Wii kept a simple approach to gaming.  It gave people a console to play video games and have fun with friends in a unique way.  What is so wrong with that?

The Wii offers games like Resident Evil, Mario Kart, Mario Galaxy, Zelda, various Star Wars games, the Lego games series, several Call of Duty games, Medal of Honor, Pro Evolution Soccer, and various other games that have kept our interest in the console through the course of its life.  And yet, some of us still complain, still look for some way to put the console down, to sell it off.

The Wii has turned into the girlfriend / boyfriend we eventually marry.  Your parents will love him or her, but there’s just not that ‘excitement’ to date. 

Well, guess what: in the end, you end up happy with the decision to stay with the ‘bland,’ because it makes you happy for a much longer time than anything else. 

Keep that in mind the next time you look at your Wii and say “you know, you’re just not that impresssive.”


  • meehanuk said:

    me too thought all that but games like fire emblem which im still to play are hardcore games and theres plenty of games like that on the virtual console too so its just a matter of personal taste i like many have a 360 and a wii so i can play games on that too but ide much prefer to play games on my wii lol and when we get star fox pikmin and final fantasy who will complain then?

  • red40 said:

    I like to think of myself as a experienced gamer.I have played on many formats over the years .When xbox and ps3 came out the prices were very expensive .I thought I would wait as normaly do for them to drop in price.
    Then i got a sniff of the wii after looking at it and reading up on the control systems that it was wireless and it would mimick your moves i thought this sound great, getting you more involved in the games you play, great news and i was pleasantly surprised by the price.So i waited and got the wii and yes as you say in your article we all call it some times, the graphics the games the social interaction on line .
    But there’s a but and that’s the controls witch at this time can’t be matched and with the new motion device coming out for the wii remote, the software company’s will have something fantastic to bring realisam to thier games and by the way i still havan’t got a xbox or ps3 i find one game at time and all the internet play on line with the wii keeps me well busy and now nintendo as got so many new costermas i’m sure that therer will be next gen etc to come

  • Liewe89NL said:

    The Wii’s potential is dripping right of the machine.
    Every gamer will recognize that the Wii is the most unique of the gaming consoles available right now.
    There have been plenty of good games, many great games even.
    But even these great games still could have been made better when the Wii was used to it’s full potential.
    This is not a bad thing, since the Wii will be among us for a very long time to come.
    Maybe we (I have found myself complaining as well) see what the Wii can do already, and dream of the things the Wii could do more then we should. It’s kinda like a luxury problem :)
    At some point I think Nintendo might skip a new generation of consoles, basically because it’s in it’s own generation already. Using the Wiimote Plus addition, you actually get a new Console already. It’s potential will be leaping forward to a great extend! Even though the Wii isn’t used to full potential as is.
    I feel the Wii will defintely be able to last for 4-5 years, if only Nintendo and it’s 3rd party developers will keep putting effort in trying to achieve full use of the Wii’s capacities.

  • Flick said:

    I am not a hard core gamer but have been wondering about the lack of FPS (non-futuristic and non-World War) games. For instance, one game I would love to have on the Wii is Team Fortress Classic or even TF2 if the hardware can handle it. I can only imagine how much fun it would be to try playing that game with the Wii, but it’s great to see some really fun Wii Ware games and other ones gradually coming out of the wood work in the second half of this year.

    I’d agree that Nintendo has brought gaming to the masses via the Wii, and it’s no wonder it is such a best selling console when it is just so easy to pick up and play (everyone loves it when they come round for the first/second/etc. time and try the Wii)

    The only thing I’d really moan about is the cost of the extra accessories. Aside from Wii-Play, I really hope Nintendo will consider packaging other games with the Wii-mote so that we can increase our mini-game collection and buy an additional Wii-mote at the same time.

  • mastiffchild said:

    Nice read Sherly and good point on TFclassic and TF2. Now wii Speak is here class based online gaming is a possiblity and the stylised visuals of the TF games should really be possible on Wii hardware, imo.
    For me 2008 was a poor year for Wii games. I don’t play sports games much on the Wii(will be playing PES2009 when it lands but Everybody’s Golf on PS3 is miles more enjoyable than the Tiger/EA alternatives for me so I was left with very few games in 2008 to take my fancy. Sure I loved Brawl(online issues notwithstanding), liked MKwii(not as much as DS though), Okami was , as ever , fantastic and after RE4 the best Wii port ever, NMH was one of the best new IPs ANYWHERE, Zack and Wiki was fabulous too and Boom Blox was a massive surprise hit for me. But basically that was it(well I chose to get WaW for the Wii rather than the PS3 but only because I still prefer COD4 on PSN and the Wii needed a better online shooter than MoHH2-which it got imo).
    Which brings me to my point. 2009 looks miles better. This time though Ninty have bettr support from third parties. I’ve listed the games for the first half of 09 that i’m really up for on wii elsewhere but everyone knows the list is fabulous this year.Motion Plus is on the way with the promised 1 to 1 movement reaction sensing too(along with the Wii Sports resort, S&P2,Punchout!!Wii from Ninty themselves)and I bet we’ll get to see Link again by Xmas too.
    Good year for games and another better year for the Wii. Don’t get me wrong I’m still most up for two PS3 games(Killzone2 and GOW3) but I’ll be spending more Wii time this year as well.
    God I go on. Just ignore my posts in future if you haven’t twigged thats what you do yet. Stop me, pleaze…

  • Boo said:

    i’m just wondering why wii doesn’t buy more servers so people can actually play mario kart online

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