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Getting Started With Your Wii

Written by Sherlock on Sunday, 28 December 20088 Comments

It seems that we have a plethora of new members hopping on the Wii train this holiday season.  Some fell off the horse and have looked to get back on, others just received the magical white box within whimsical wrapping paper a few days ago.  New or old, you’ll need some starting pointers to make your gaming adventure everything you thought it would be.

Many of these pointers depend on what you received to complement the system on the same day.

1.  If you know you’re going to have multiple users on the Wii at once, the best way to buy your second Wiimote is with a purchase of WiiPlay.  The mini-games that come with WiiPlay are a good time, whether you have children or *ehem* drink heavily before playing.  Plus, you get a game and a Wiimote for the same price as a wiimote.

You’ll also need another nunchuk to go with it, but its probably the best value.

Keep in mind, however, that unless you have a game that requires three people to have a remote at once, you won’t really need more than two.  Games that are turn-based allow you to switch the wiimote between multiple users.  Don’t waste your money if you don’t have to.  Save it for another game.

2.  Connect your Wii to the internet.  It’s the gift that keeps on giving.  Much of the Wii’s potential lies within the online play on games like Mario Kart and Call of Duty, so failure to hook the Wii up to the net will leave you feeling somewhat unfulfilled for a while, especially if you join a forum like this one.  Its teeming with tournaments and match racing with the great members.  The sooner you get it online the better, because…

3… you can utilize the online Nintendo store.  Wii points for everybody!  Remember that game that you played many years ago you liked so much on some old system, like the NES?  Well, guess where it is now?  In digital form!  Now, you will need the classic controller to play these sorts of games, but if you’re into retro gaming, its well worth the money you’ll invest.  You’ll be able to keep the system fresh by downloading content from the Virtual Console or Wiiware titles that are brand new.

4.  Invest in ice packs.  Your Wii came with Wiisports, everyone’s first experience with the console.  You’ll find that after the hours of time you’ll spend bowling or golfing or playing tennis, you’ll have this… slight pain in your shoulder.  Don’t let that get in your way.
5.  Be careful.  Don’t let your kids hit each other in the face or destroy precious valuables.

Don't let this be your tv

Don't let this be your tv

Trust me, if you give them the room to play, it’ll be much better for all involved.  And please, if you don’t heed any other warnings the Wii gives you, heed this one: don’t let go of the Wiimote.

Those are the best five things I can tell you from the first day you open the box.  Everything else should fall in to place in time.

Happy gaming.  And I’m sure some others will be along to answers questions in no time.


  • FooFan said:

    Excellent guide there Sherls!

    That should definitely answer a lot of our new member’s questions.

  • Brian Streetly said:

    I’m a fairly recent owner of the Wii. Had i realised that nintendo were so bad in keeping up demand I would not have brought it. I have been trying for weeks to buy a Wii fit, and it looks as though I may be waiting for a lot more weeks. I personally beleive that if Nintendo are unable to supply the demand then they should allow OEM versions to be made. Nintendo one very dissatisfied customer I bet that there are a whole lot more like me.

  • biddenden_sue said:

    Brian, are you using to source stock? This is our recommended stock locator, and has helped many people to buy both Wii consoles and Wii Fit over the past months. It currently shows that Wii Fit is readily available online.

    Remember, the internet is the most powerful tool in your house, when used to its fullest potential. ;-)

  • Brian Streetly said:

    I am indeed using, and have been for weeks. IF i were prepared to pay £100 + for something that has a RRP tag of around £70 I could get it easily. But I also find that The alarm goes i go to the site that is selling it put it in the basket go through the checkout and find i get the message it was sold out 3 minutes befrore I stated my buying process. That has been the shortest It has shown. So something is not working right there either. Example Yesterday morning my alarm went while I was sitting at the PC it showed as 09-21 on my PC clock, by the time I had completed the sales process at 09-22 the site showed they had sold out at 09-19. So I don’t really hold out much hope of ever being able to get one at that rate. Well not at the RRP.

  • Brian Streetly said:

    Local Toyshop has 150 going on sale tommorrow at 16-30 and they have booked one for me as I am at a funeral.

  • bidden_sue said:

    I am sorry to hear of your loss, but pleased to hear that you will finally get Wii Fit. I hope you won’t be disappointed.

    And yes, the best way of buying it is as part of a bundle with another game.

  • claudia said:

    in Mario paper,I’m in Merlee’s Mansion and am about ready to quit. I got the stinkin thing, can’t even remember what it’s called now it’s been so long since I caught it, that I now have to make 10000000 rubees before I can go on. so I sit here just holding the button to make Mario run the wheel in the room with the passcode. There has to be an easier way to earn these rubees. I feel like I’m just wasting time.
    Any suggestions?

  • laura said:

    When buying new games how can you tell if you can use your own Mii? Is there some sort of code on the sleeve? Its more fun when you are trying to beat each others Records.

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