Are you dealing with the 001 error on your Wii? Do you know that there is a way in which you can fix this problem on your own? There are a couple of things that you can do. The first option obviously is to let Nintendo deal with the problem. The second option is to try and fix it on your own.

But before you try all of that, you should try restarting your console, seeing if any of the cables are loose, unplugging all the cables and plugging them back in. If none of these simple fixes work, you can move on to the below instructions.

The first and easiest option is to let Nintendo fix the problem. If your console is still under warranty, this is the way to go for sure. You may have to wait a little longer, but at least there is no risk involved.

If your console is not under warranty, you will have to pay if you choose to send it to Nintendo to get repairhqdefault (25)ed. This is not recommended since there is a cheaper and easier fix available.

There are many Wii repair guides available online, and using these guides you will certainly be able to fix your console within a few hours at the most. Is this not a much better option? What’s more, you will not have to spend a single penny on the repairs. What more could you want?

So now that you know all of the ways in which you can repair your console, you have nothing to worry about anymore. You will not have to spend any money on fixing the 001 error and you will be self-sufficient as far as your Wii gaming is concerned. Go online and get yourself a Wii repair guide right away.