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Call of Duty: World at War Unlockable List

Written by a WiiTalk member on Tuesday, 9 December 2008128 Comments

This superb list of all unlockables in the latest COD game, World at War, was posted on the forum by Danz202 - Cheers Danz!


Rifles :

SVT 40 (level 1 unlock) : Attachments - Flash Hider, Aperture Sight , Telescopic Sight.
Gewehr 43 (level 7 unlock) : Attachments - Suppressor , Aperture Sight , Telescopic Sight , Rifle Grenade.
M1 Garand (level 17 unlock) : Attachments - Flash Hider , Bayonet , Rifle Grenade , Sniper Scope .
STG - 44 (level 37 unlock) : Attachments - Flash Hider , Aperture Sight , Telescopic Sight
M1A1 Carbine (level 65 unlock) : Attachments - Flash Hider , Aperture Sight , Bayonet , Box Magazine

Bolt Action Rifles :

Springfield (level 3 unlock) : Attachments - Sniper Scope , Bayonet , Rifle Grenade.
Arisaka (level 4 unlock) : Attachments - Sniper Scope, Bayonet , Rifle Grenade.
Mosin Nagant (level 21 unlock) : Attachments - Sniper Scope , Bayonet , Rifle Grenade
Kar98K (level 41 unlock) : Attachments - Sniper Scope , Bayonet , Rifle Grenade
PTRS 41 (level 57 unlock) : Attachments - None. Already equipped with scope.

Submachine Guns

Thompson (level 1 unlock) : Attachments - Suppressor , Aperture Sight , Round Drum.
MP40 (level 10 unlock) : Attachments - Suppressor , Aperture Sight , Duel Magazine.
Type 100 (level 25 unlock) : Attachments - Suppressor , Aperture Sight , Box Magazine.
PPSH - 41 (level 53 unlock) : Attachments - Aperture Sight , Round Drum


M1897 Trench Gun (unlock level 2) : Attachments - Grip, Bayonet.
Double Barreled (unlock level 29) : Attachments - Grip , Sawed-off Shotgun.

Machine Guns

Type 99 (unlock level 1) : Attachments - Bipod , Bayonet .
BAR (unlock level 4) : Attachments - Bipod.
DP-28 (unlock level 13) : Attachments - Bipod
MG42 (unlock level 33) : Attachments - Bipod
FG42 (unlock 45) : Attachments - Bipod , Telescopic Sight.
Browning M1919 (unlock level 61) : Attachments - Bipod.


Nambu (unlock level 1)
Walther P38 (unlock level 2)
Colt M1911 (unlock level 3)
Tokarev TT-38 (unlock level 21)
.357 Magnum (unlock level 49)


Frag Grenade
Molotov Cocktail
N 74 ST Grenade (sticky grenade)
Smoke Grenade
Tabun Gas Grenade

Multiplayer Modes

There are 5 modes of play. They are :

Boot Camp - Team Deathmatch for Beginners. (locked at Lv l
Free For All - Every man for themselves.
Team Deathmatch - 2 teams of 6 fight it out. Top score wins.
Hardcore (Lvl 14) - More damage taken, weapons become overpowered etc
Veteran (Lvl 29) - For Lvl 29+ players

Prestige Mode

Unlocked at level 65, Prestige Mode brings your level back to level 1 if you choose to do so.

There are rewards.. You get more “Create a Class” slots , a new Prestige rank next to your name , and you unlock special Achievements. You can do Prestige over again at a maximum of 10 times.

“Create a Class” slots unlocked per Prestige Mode :

Slot 6 : unlocked at the 1stlevel of Prestige
Slot 7 : unlocked at the 2nd level of Prestige
Slot 8 : unlocked at the 4th level of Prestige
Slot 9 : unlocked at the 7th level of Prestige
Slot 10 : unlocked at the 10th level of Prestige.

the new 10 prestige symbols for World at War -

Multiplayer Maps

Asylum - Size = Medium , Vehicles = No.
Castle - Size = Medium , Vehicles = No.
Cliffside - Size = Large , Vehicles = No.
Courtyard - Size = Small , Vehicles = No.
Dome - Size = Small , Vehicles = No.
Hangar - Size = Medium , Vehicles = No.
Makin - Size = Medium , Vehicles = No.
Upheaval - Size = Medium , Vehicles = No.

Kill Streak Bonus -

Kill 3 Enemies in a row - Recon Plane will display enemies on your team’s radar.

Kill 5 Enemies in a row - Activates an Artillery Strike you can place anywhere on the map.

Kill 7 Enemies in a row - You send out an angry pack of Dogs against the enemy.

Any further streaks will give you nothing but a bigger ego.


Perk 1 Slot -

Special Grenades X 3 (unlock level 1) : Provides 3 of your choice of special grenades. (tabun gas, signal flares )
Satchel Charge X2 (unlock level 1) : A powerful explosive similar to C4.
M9A1 Bazooka X2 (unlock level 2) : Shoulder-Fired Rocket Launcher
Bomb Squad (unlock level 16) : Allows you to see explosive devices planted anywhere on the map. Great perk to use if you keep running into those annoying Bouncing Betties.
Bouncing Betty X2 (unlock level 24) : WW2 era stuff. Same effect as Claymores had in COD4. Running anywhere close to them will trigger them to explode.
Bandolier (unlock level 40) : Provides additional ammo for both your primary and secondary weapons.
Primary Grenades X2 (unlock level 44) : Gives you 2 primary grenades instread of 1. Grenades, Sticky Grenades, or Molotov Cocktails can be used.
M2 Flamethrower (unlock level 65) : A great close-quarter weapon. A lot of fun, but be careful it does overheat.

Perk 2 Slot -

Stopping Power (unlock level 1) : Increases the amount of damage each bullet does.
Fireworks (unlock level 1) : Increases the damage and radius of all explosives.
Flak Jacket (unlock level 1) : Basically it reduces the amount of explosive damage you take from Grenades, Bouncing Betties, Satchel Charges.
Gas Mask (unlock level 2) : Protects you from Tabun Gas grenades. No more dizzyness.
Juggernaut (unlock level 4) : Lets you absorb more bullet damage. Beware, people online may call you a “Juggernaut Noob” if ya use this one.
Camouflage (unlock level 12) : Keeps you hidden off of enemy radar as long as you dont fire your weapon. Use a suppressor to be ultra stealthy.
Sleight of Hand (unlock level 28 ) : Makes your reload speed much quicker.
Shades (unlock level 32) : Keeps you from being blinded by signal flares.
Double Tap (unlock level 36) : Increases the firing rate of your weapon.
Overkill (unlock level 56) : Replaces your pistol with an additional primary weapon.

Perk 3 Slot -

Deep Impact (unlock level 1) : Great bullet penetration.
Extreme Conditioning (unlock level 1) : Allows you to sprint longer.
Steady Aim (unlock level 1) : Increases weapon accuracy when firing from the hip. (not scoped)
Toss Back (unlock level 7) : Resets grenade fuse to 3 you plenty of time to throw it back.
Second Chance (unlock level 10) : Gives you a second chance at life. Your knocked down but you can still use your pistol. You’ll either bleed out over time or you can get revived by another teammate. There is a new feature with “world at war’s” version. If you and another teammate(s) have this perk on, you can revive each other. You both MUST have the perk on to be able to revive though.
Martyrdom (unlock level 20) : Drops a grenade from your body after you die.
Fireproof (unlock level 48 ) : Reduces fire damage from all burning objects.
Dead Silence (unlock level 52) : Makes you run silently. No loud footsteps anymore. Great for sneaking up on your opponent.

Single Player Campaign Missions

1. Semper Fi
2. Little Resistance
3. Hard Landing
4. Vendetta
5. Their Land , Their Blood
6. Burn ‘em out
7. Relentless
8. Blood and Iron
9. Ring of Steel
10. Eviction
11. Blackcats
12. Blowtorch & Corkscrew
13. Breaking Point
14. Heart of the Reich
15. Downfall

We hope that helps some of you.


  • ollie said:

    do you need peoples wii numbers to play each other online with this game

  • biddenden_sue said:

    To play against people you know, you will need to exchange the frind codes for this particular game, not your Wii code.

    Click on Forums at the top to go into our main forums and you’ll soon find the COD chat section, where plenty of people can teach you all you need to know.

  • - said:

    When you get to prestige mode and start over do u keep ur guns? Because that would be kinda stupid to start over just to get a kool badge and more create a class slots

  • nic said:

    how do you get on boot camp after you are above level 8

  • Nic is dumb said:

    Ur an idiot boot camp is meant for beginners to the game

  • nic said:

    ppl still get on it when they r higher than level 8

  • GirrafaloJoe said:

    the way people get into boot camp when they are above level 8 is to be part of a party where the host is lower than level 8. the Host will have the option availible.

    When you prestige you lose everything except the ability to get into high level games like HQ and CTF which are normaly locked at lower levels. All earned weapons and perks reset and must be earned again.

    Before you say that its stupid to prestige, the extra class spots come in handy and having to re-earn everything keeps the game from getting boring.

  • David said:

    how do you revive ppl?????????????

  • EyeCon said:

    revive by equiping perk ‘Second Chance’ If your teammate also has this skill equiped and gets shot you can revive him by running up to him, but be quick ! usually I watch out when an enemy goes down and just put in an extra bullet or two just in case they do not stay down !

  • korkeo111 said:

    for wii when you get to level 57 in first prestige you get two new game modes:
    Hardcore FFA- it’s a hardcore free for all
    Hardcore TDM Last Man Standing-it’s hardcore tdm but u only have 1 life :3

  • Sofo said:

    how do you find a Boot camp game open to all players????? cause i am a 10 year old boy with cancer that has nothing to do but call of duty 5 under the screen name Chuck Norris (used to be Malcolm) and i am pissed off at all the people that kill me after 5 seconds of playing time!

  • Sofo said:

    I also think it’s stupid that you can’t go in Boot Camp when you start prestige cause you don’t have all the guns you used to so you would be the same as any other beginner except you know all the maps and secrets. And i for got to say this last time Hardcore TDM is already there and they just added Hrdcore FFA and Team Survival like a week ago.

  • Sofo said:

    Sry i’m getting addicted to this but how do you get signal flares?

  • biddenden_sue said:

    Sofo, you would do better to register with the forum and ask in the dedicated Call of Duty discussion section. Oh, and please don’t swear. On the forum it will be asterisked out.

  • i have no clue said:

    can you play multiplayer local on the wii system for call of duty world at war? on the ps3 you can so we are wondering if it is possible.

  • Sofo said:

    You can only do Co-op.

  • Shadowflame said:

    how do u get on cliff top near sniper nest (w/ the wood) on cliffside

  • Shadowflame said:

    friend code 395313517142 i really need more friends 2 play with if u want 2 add me level 42 3rd prestige (wii)

  • Shadowflame said:

    Does it make anyone else angry when level 65s do nothing but use their flamethrower the entire game, because that doesn’t make you a good player and the people who use the rifle grenade, those are the most aggravating things on the game

  • gman said:

    i personally think when people release dogs is the most aggravating thing about the game…its so CHEAP

  • Shadowflame said:

    I love calling dog only when they get me kills though sometimes only get 1 kill but what really makes me mad is cheats who somehow use the flamethrower before level 65 and they aren’t even close to getting it

  • Bria said:

    How would anybody get a flamethrower before level 65?

  • Sofo said:

    you don’t

  • Hunter said:

    people do glitch and get flamethrowers before 65. i played a level 32 that was part of the glithing clan [TKo]. He was a second prestige level 32 with a flamethrower.

  • Sofo said:

    flamethrowers aren’t that good unless you are in hardcore mode though. besides it tells you how they do that in the forums section.

  • Shadowflame said:

    so does anyone know how to get on top of the rock in cliffside that is close to the “snipers nest” that is surrounded by wood cause i sniped someone there and looks like good spot

  • Sofo said:

    no idea but i have seen ppl there too

  • gamer girl said:

    I think the way to get on that rock in cliffside is to go behind the snipers nest and there are boxes and barrels. You have to jump on them and the jump to the top. It usually takes a few tries. I haven’t done it but I watched someone else do it.

  • Moe said:

    To get on the rock, you have get on top of the boxes and then on top of the barrel. After you did that turn your back to the rock, swicth your weapon to a rocket laucher, aim down and shoot, it will shoot you up into the rock.

  • ShadowFlame said:

    how do you get under the map on cliffside? this is really aggravating ’cause u can’t kill them but they can shoot you and i’ve only seen this recently

  • Wilvin said:

    Sofo, i met u on the today (June 03, 2009) at around 8:30 pm. My screen name is Wilvin.

  • ShadowFlame said:

    i’m getting really tired of all the stupid losers that hide under the map on cliffside and the people that hide behind bunkers and wait 4 u 2 run by 2 kill u

  • KnowitALL said:

    All THe glitchers out there are losers who sit in there racecar bed and live with their mothers and nothing to do all day except make fair people sad that really pisses me off

  • ShadowFlame said:

    I agree to that because if they fought you face to face they would lose and I also hate that retarded revive crap and the teammates that kill me 4 no reason. I ‘no accidents happen but they can clearly see I’m on their team.

  • shadowmonsta said:

    hey how u get flares?

  • Mr.T said:

    If you wont to get on top the rock at cliff side, there a lot of youtub videos to show you how…..the only resion i use glitches is becuse some one has used them on me…

  • ShadowFlame said:

    Yeah I just saw some and i use glitches for the same reason. U dont get flares

  • hi hi hi hi said:

    what are the best 3 perk combination for wii???

  • Sofo said:

    you can only get flares in Xbox 360 or PS3

  • ShadowFlame said:

    My favorite for a machine gun and sub is bandolier stopping power and deep impact with rifle flamethrower or betties. Also good combo is overkill and bandolier with 2 guns that have drumclip me PPSH And MP40

  • Zane said:

    Not wanting to sound like a complete noob but how i actually use the rifle grenades???

  • ShadowFlame said:

    what do u mean just aim close to the enemy and shoot when grenada is attached implace of perk 1

  • Gan said:

    ShadowFlame, do u think I could level up on u?

  • Gan said:

    I mean we could be friends and I could level up on u in a private match, I’m a level 5….

  • Gan said:

    But I can handle myself.

  • Gan said:

    I’ll tell u my friend code once u reply.

  • ShadowFlame said:

    Hey Gan, sure my fc is 3953-1351-7142

  • Gan said:

    ok cool want to get on soon? I’ll add u
    wait……… Let me find my game.

  • Gan said:

    ShadowFlame, My friend took it last night so I should have it sometime soon, maybe two-three hours.

  • ShadowFlame said:

    Ok I know I will be on from around 8 to maybe 1am so anytime US time

  • ShadowFlame said:

    Do you get xp from private match

  • Gan said:

    idk pretty sure.

  • Gan said:

    Hey I’m so Sorry, I can’t add u yet my idiotic friend won’t give me back my game today…. I’m SURE I’m getting it back tomorrow.

  • Gan said:

    will u be able to get on early tomorrow? like around 11 or 12 AM Us Time? (central us time)

  • John said:


  • John said:

    Gan-John are the same

  • ShadowFlame said:

    yeah sure im eastern but yeah ill get on early if you get this before then

  • ShadowFlame said:

    My website is if you want to drop by because im talking on this from my wii so may not be able to get to everyday

  • John said:

    Ok I guess gotcha

  • ShadowFlame said:

    Hey Gan/John I need ur fc I dont have it

  • dragonmoney said:

    how do u get dogs in the wii version?

  • dragonmoney said:

    i have seen people use the dogs on wi fi but i have no idea to get or use them i need help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ShadowFlame said:

    dragonmoney u have to get a kill streak of 7 just like u need ks of 3 for recon plane and ks of 5 for artillery

  • John said:

    i don’t have my game mmber? my friend took it..

    and he won’t give it back.

  • ShadowFlame* said:

    k that sucks guess have 2 give me number n november when new COD 6 comes out lol or anytime b4 if u happen to get back lol

  • John said:

    r they making cod modern warfare 2 4 the wii?

  • ShadowFlame* said:

    pretty sure kinda screwd up if they didnt even though WW2 guns r the best

  • ShadowFlame* said:

    I just heard that if they do make it 4 wii then it will come out later and also it may not b wi-fi dont no 4 sure though

  • unknown said:

    my fc number is 073207678386 plz add me i have no friends

  • ShadowFlame* said:

    ill add u when i can unknown my fc is somewhere in 1 of these messages

  • ShadowFlame* said:

    I am REALLY getting sick of the people that go under the map on cliffside they really need to get a life and play the game the way its suppose to and fight someone face to face and the losers who knife you from behind come on get the head shot noob!

  • ShadowFlame* said:

    How do you get unlimited rifle grenade and fly a guy named Bugs Bunny >3 could but everyone had unlimited rifle gren. kinda fun if like high death games lol

  • Mr. Dude said:

    I Love COD and if you want to exchange your COD codes

    do it here


  • ShadowFlame* said:

    Another thing Im getting sick of is NOOBS with martyrdom on in hardcore WTF do you not know about the thing thats on called Friendly Fire and almost always with KS of 6 noob BMan

  • ShadowFlame* said:

    How do u get in the top of the circle building on Makin seen someone there and looked like from middle of building and how do u get inside the hut thats close 2 the tall roofed building. close 2 water pier connects 2 it and u can get on it roof if u know which 1 im talking about.

  • Jesus freak said:

    How do you become a host?

  • rusty bird 3 said:

    shawdowflame will you give me your friend code i will give you mine tomorrow

  • ShadowFlame* said:

    rustybird 3 my fc is 3953-1351-7142 and you r host when ur 1st n lobby cant seem 2 figure point cause just prevent u 4rum being kicked which how do u kick people

  • urmom said:

    hey shadowflame add ill add u im lvl 50 andi wanna play u lol

  • urmom said:

    i have never played in private match b4 and i want to really bad lol

  • 8MEX stalker said:

    Hey guys just saw this site and want to add, I need more players in my FC I have many of my clan members but not enough. My FC is 2622-1746-3298 I know ALOT!!! of glitches except the get on top of the round house building in makin. If you add me tell me and I will add you.

  • Woody said:

    I have recently got cod but no1 i no has it for the wii so i was hoping i could use the codes that people have put on and is there ne way adding people while u r actually on the game?

  • Sue Brown said:

    Can I suggest that you click on “Forums” at the top of this page, join our community and register your friend code in our friend code archive. At Wiitalk, we have an active COD community, that will welcome you and ensure that you always have someone to play with when you go online!

  • Sofo said:

    The only way to be kicked is to not choose a class or to kill to many team mates

  • sarge said:

    i need some wii numbers from other people so if u can

    send me it comment back

  • Woody said:

    can someone tell me how you can more than 2 rifle grenades and send me your fc

  • ShadowFlame* said:

    the way 2 get more than 2 rifle grenade is that u have to hack happened to me in game and he was invincible 2 fc=3753-1351-7142

  • steve said:

    This is a great game

  • Woody said:

    shadowflare my fc 313746483863

  • Woody said:

    sorry meant shadowflame

  • ShadowFlame* said:

    Sorry Woody I haven’t added you but I’ve been playing the new Cod Modern Warfare Reflex

  • badboyz jack said:

    add me plzz shadow flame i added u my code is 214997954526

  • badboyz jack said:

    and u too woody 214997954526

  • badboyz jack said:

    shadow flame yours dont work soz

  • badboyz jack said:

    add me plzz 8MEX stalker iv added u my code 214997954526

  • Joe Bradley said:

    Hey guys check out my Call of Duty Web site. . it is however exclusivly for the nintendo Wii and for Call of Duty World at War. . please check it out. . its still being worked on but it will be great.

  • Forsaken Lover said:

    hey guys that site again was check it out. .

  • vincent said:

    add me plz fc:124800522812 my yahoo is lil_vin59

  • vincent said:

    best set:mp40 duel magazine,perks:stopping power/m2 flamethrower/deep impact

  • Forsaken Lover said:

    Hey vincent i posted you name and your number on my website, . hope to see you commenting more often on my blog site. . and anyone else is welcome to do so. . i will put your numbers and names on there as well if you participate in the blogs. . thank you

  • xXshadowmelodi said:

    Hey, thanks so much for posting this list of unlockables. So far, this has definitely been the most reliable source I’ve found. And because we all need friends my CoD: World at War friend code is 1505-9462-8306, and my screen name online is Shadowmelodi. If you want me to add you as a friend, just tell me your friend code.

  • *Ninja kitty said:

    hey shadowmelodi i jus added u my screen name is *Ninja kitty n my fc is 2966-1705-0025 jus add me soon im on evry day from like noon to 11pm

  • *Ninja kitty said:

    hey shadowflame my screen name is *Ninja Kitty and my fc is 2996-1705-0025 add me i added u already

  • *Ninja kitty said:

    shadowflame ur fc dont work try putting it on again check the game and fix ur fc

  • Nathan said:

    Hey guys i am struggling with the rocket and satchel jump glitch for cod 5 on do u need infinite health? Please reply

  • Nathan said:

    for wii

  • Nathan said:

    PS any1 want meh 2 add them on cod 5 4 wii cuz ive nae m8s oan it plz

  • O.o -- said:

    Hey Pleeeese add me everyone I still haven’t played a duel!!! FC:0432-0088-9952

  • O.o -- said:

    Also hit me up on yahoo [email protected] n give me ur fc…. Peace! Btw I’m lvl 56 prestige 1

  • shadowmelodi said:

    Oh sorry Ninja kitty. I haven’t checked here in a while. I’ll add you now.

  • shadowmelodi said:

    @Nathan To satchel jump or rocket jump, you need to be in a private match and put the health up to double. I tried it many times and finally found that out. Not even Juggernaut can help with the jumps.

  • paddy said:

    hey all id like it if u added me as i have no friends also how do iunlock the rifle grenade? fc:313815482170

  • dr.death said:

    hello people my name is dr.death but it used to be ninja kitty.if you need rifle gerenade then you need to get about 150 kills with a rifle.i would use a gewehr 43. but all get the gerenade my fc is 2996-1705-0025 please add me and email me when you do my email is in this comment.i would love to play private match to help you level up!!:) my level is about 40 2nd prestige. also go to my brand new cod site go there its was a wii site but now it cod5 wii site i just started it a week ago :) ok bye

  • dr.death said:

    my bad email is not in that comment but here [email protected] ok bye :)

  • dr.death said:

    next day, still no new posts. hmm….. :/

  • dr.death said:

    Please comment, i am commenting so you should to. :/ hmm… o go to it my new cod5 site go there

  • dr.death said:

    this sucks i posted a week ago and no one will post!!! :(

  • live=evil said:

    ”1 month later” hello its me evil man aka live=evil,dr death,ninja kitty just informing you i change my name alot

  • logan said:

    Can you play nazi sombie on world at wolrd for wii or not

  • COD 5 WII WAW FAN!!!!! said:

    Realy cool game Single player missions in 1 week played free!
    Online Hard but cool!!!

  • dr. death said:

    hey guys i just got black ops:) and i love it!!! black ops has zombies for wii:) but waw wii doesnt sorry. :(

  • killerbh said:

    to get boot camp after level 8 you must press b and what for mach befor it starts on 4 press a and b at the same time if dun corret go on find mach and boot camp will be there i don it and it workt if you do try it shall work on wii ONLY if on xbox or ps3 it will not work!!!!!!!!

  • killerbh said:

    you cant get nazis on wii

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  • shadowflame said:

    whats up, need get black ops very sweet game. choose killstreaks, nice perks, and money system makes the game. respond and ill add.
    K/D 2.66

  • KENJII said:

    dudes I need friends on [email protected] ….. my fc is 0089-4803-8447

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