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How to get the Most from the Internet Channel

Written by a WiiTalk member on Saturday, 17 January 20098 Comments

You have a Wii, and you have connected it online to play against your friends. But why would you want the Internet Channel? It costs 500 points, or £3.50 in the UK, after all.

Well, there’s several good reasons why it is worth the price of a pint of beer. Read on…

For starters, once you’ve paid your £3.50, that’s it. No more fees, ever. The channel is free to use at your convenience, so long as you have an active connection to broadband in your home.

Now, the good old BBC have been investing a little bit of our TV Licence Fee into creating a Wii-dedicated iPlayer site, which will allow you to view any programmes you have missed over the past week on your TV through the Wii, and it works pretty well perfectly now, producing very acceptable full screen graphics, still better than VHS, but not quite as crisp as DVD. My only gripe at present is that the audio is in mono, but here’s hoping they upgrade that soon. Still better than leaning over your laptop screen though.

And our friends at Youtube have just released a similar site, that is configured to fit your TV screen through the Wii browser, and makes full use of the remote. You can even set autoplay for all related videos to one that you select, for a continous play TV style experience. Youtube, of course, put their videos out with stereo sound. ;-)

There is also a site called Finetunes, which allows you to select a playlist of music and stream it through your Wii. Not to mention Flash Earth, a Wii compatible equivalent of Google Earth, and amazing to bring up on the big screen.

And if you’re wondering how you’re supposed to cope with that on-screen typewriter using the wiimote, well, relax, because if you have a USB keyboard (available for about £3 upwards in the shops), simply plug it into the back, and start typing. Even wireless keyboards will work, so long as they don’t require software to use.

But I’ve saved the best till last. Internet gaming works an absolute treat on the Wii, using the remote, and there are hundreds of games available to play for free, if you know where to look!

To keep it simple, I am listing all our recommended sites below. Your best bet is to access them directly from your Wii, and then you can truly get the most out of the Internet Channel.

Wii Tabs
Gives tha ability to view numerous webpages on the Wii browser
A music player that works great on the Wii’s Opera browser.
Virtual Console Archive
All the latest News and Reviews of the Wii Virtual Console games, with a link to the WiiWare site as well
Flash Earth
It’s like Google earth on your Wii!

BBC iPlayer
Wii-oriented iPlayer streaming all the BBC shows from the past week onto your TV screen
Range of online videos - special new layout specially oriented for the Wii (Jan 09)
Range of online videos, more Wii orientated than the original youtube

GAMES (All the games you could think of!)
2Flash Games
Wrigley’s Candystand
Oli4’s Minimal HomePage

eBuddy - Web and Mobile messenger
Use instant messengers, such as MSN, AIM, and YAHOO from your Wii
Use AIM from your Wii

SITE LISTS (Sites that list a range of Wii friendly webpages) - TV and Wii Friendly Website Search
Hot-Wii-Sites - Rankings - All Sites

So no, you can’t download programs, files or games onto your Wii’s memory through the Internet Channel, but at least that means it can’t get a virus either. But there’s a lot of things you can do, and more sites are becoming Wii-compatible every day. Your Wii can do so much more than just play the games you slot into it or pay for through the shop channel. Plus we are currently awaiting a promised update that will give us 6 tabs to browse in. This should improve things considerably.

£3.50 doesn’t sound so much now, does it?

Thanks to gregtorius for the list of sites.


  • bidden_sue said:

    It has come to my attention that the last image on my blog is actually a hoax, which has fooled a heck of a lot of people around the world.

    At this years CES, Opera have announced the following improvements being written into Wii Opera 2.0, although we still don’t know when it will be released:

    * Wii Opera 2.0 will support Opera’s SDK in version 9.7, which should provide a way for developers to let websites interact with the browser
    * It will include Dragonfly
    * It will include Opera Link
    * It will have a better zoom function
    * Opera will pass ACID3 (which would mean that Wii Opera 2.0 will have a more advanced rendering engine than Opera for Desktop has at the moment, as Opera 10 is alpha only)

    So no tabbed browsing, but undoubtedly some good improvements.

  • Martin Lewis said:

    Thanks for a greta round-up. Also, until now, I didn’t realise you could use a wireless keyboard. It’s mad typing much easier. Cheers.

  • Martin Lewis said:

    “great” round-up (Oops)… and “made”, not mad!! Still too early in the morning for me!

  • biddende_sue said:

    You’re welcome. I’m very happy that I have been able to add to your Wii experience. :-)

  • Mini76 said:

    certainly opened my eyes on what I can do, Thanks.

  • Dalchowel said:


  • Christian Fulkerson said:

    thanks man!it really helped me out! but sadly im getting an xbox 360 for christmas so ill probaly be leaving Wii =(

  • Zoe Matthews said:

    He is a weak Horse that may not bear the Saddle.

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