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Monster Lab Hints and Tips

Written by Sean Aaron on Thursday, 26 March 20098 Comments

Needless to say this is a game that was sorely under-promoted by Eidos; much to their shame as there’s enough quality and attention to detail in it that it’s clear the developers at Backbone Entertainment (RIP) cared about putting out a good game.

Here’s some general advice for new players. Feel free to contribute your own via the comments section, and be sure to give me your code if you want to duke it out. Mine is in the dedicated code section of the Wii Software subforum.

1. On the topic of part-making and experimentation.

Part quality relates directly to the strength of attacks and to the amount of damage a part can take. Defects or enhancements are imbued by secondary ingredients used, though there is no one-to-one mapping of each kind of defect or enhancement bestowed and you can end up with a different result each time you experiment (i.e. you’ll still get a defect, but maybe a different one if you redo the exact same experiment). So, just because the same primary ingredient will give you the same part, trying the experiment again with different secondary ingredients to see if you can get a really good enhancement is very much worthwhile.

I would never discount a part because of a defect alone. Some defects you can live with — provided only one part has them: power drain for example, is cumulative — and if you made a high level part with a rare ingredient you may not really be able to pass it up easily just because it has the Slow defect or reduces your power a little.

2. Always experiment whenever you can.

Sure if you talk to the Mads back at the castle they’ll tell you to get on with the mission, but improving your monsters is something you’ll need to do as you increase in level and start encountering tougher and tougher wandering monsters and bosses.

3. Observation on parts

I’ve noted that there seems to be two kinds of parts: ones that can take a lot of damage, but don’t deal a lot of damage and have a low energy cost, and those that dish out the pain, but are quite energy-expensive and aren’t as tough. This very noticable in Torsos, where you find some really really tough torsos in the higher levels which output really minimal amounts of energy, but keep on experimenting because there are some that strike a balance.

You might think that all Level 4 parts are superior to everything else you’ve made, but realise that the higher level parts are also harder to make. Every lab has some parts that are easier to make than others. The level four biological parts are probably the hardest to make overall, but Cardio Chaos and Stitch-o-Matic have to be the worst. The Astral Rift (for making arms) in the alchemical lab is the only thing that comes close. As a consequence a really high quality Level 2 or Level 3 part can often be a better choice for a biological or alchemical part, but if you’re ace at those mini-games knock yourself out!

4. Don’t forget the defense!

You can create a monster with attacks so awesome that the opposition crumbles quite rapidly, but trust me Baron Mharti’s Manor has some real tough hombres guarding it and if you lack a part with a really good quality block, the final boss is pretty much unbeatable.

5. Don’t forget the old ingredients!

Sure that Caustic Juice couldn’t make more than a 1st level part for a long time, but hey, you’ve got some Neutronium as a 2nd ingredient and wow, look what you can make now!

You can swap out secondary and primary ingredients to see the level of part before you experiment. So, every time you turn up a new ingredient of any kind try using it with all the other ingredients you have available. Just because a new mechanical ingredient only makes a Level 1 or 2 part when combined with your other mechanical ingredients doesn’t mean it won’t make a Level 3 or 4 part when combined with a biological or alchemical ingredient! This will mean shuffling through the different labs with all your ingredients, but no one said being a mad scientist was all field work!

6. And what will you do with 15 buckets of mud?

Well Leo Lumiere is willing to do a swap for some nice burlap sacks after you’ve put Mharti in his place…


  • Michael Sword said:

    I can’t seem to get past the zombies. It is the place where you have to launch the rocket. No matter what I try it always says I put in the wrong coordinates.
    It looks like it directs me to spin the wii reomte in a cirle. If, you know how to get past. Please, let me know.



  • Mark said:

    Hey dude i’m stuck at the graveyard i cant seem to fight senor de la sombra…any advise?

  • Liam said:

    you have to let the de la sombre , beat u the first time, it unlock a side quest with so,e cool awards, then go back and kick his arse.

    the rocket coordinates is a problem for ,me too, really bums me out.

  • JBS said:

    I love this game, but for whatever reason I was only able to make one alchemical arm and then the astral rift option has not been available. It’s kind of a bummer because in some of the areas alchemical parts are superior.

    Regarding the zombies and rocket coordinates, the game designers did a funny thing in that when you are supposed to lift the remote straight up it looks like the instruction is to rotate it up and to the left. Down is similar in that it looks like you are supposed to rotate it down and to the right. Just stick with up, down, left and right and you should get the combos right.

  • chris said:

    I’m stuck at the forest boss cant seem to get pssed him no matter what i build or what i use any help for parts or just anything

  • Ben said:

    To do the graveyard zombies you just hold the wii remote infront of you. When it shows the directions its spinning you just move your arm in that direction. so if it’s left swing your arm left, right is right, up…arm straight but raise it upwards n same for down by down instead

  • Gabe said:

    How do you get mud buckets in the game? I can’t get past the mission if I don’t have mud buckets. Any ideas on how or where to get them?

  • Jaq said:

    Oh man ive tried everything even what was on here and it never lets me past plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help me!!!!!

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