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PS2 to Compete with Wii?

Written by Sherlock on Wednesday, 1 April 20092 Comments

Sony has cut the price of the last-gen Playstation 2 console to $99 in North America. Speculation about the reasons for a price cut has left most with one conclusion: Sony has decided that the PS2 is the main competitor for Wii console, not the PS3.

Joystiq fans the flames with this blog post, where they suggest the PS2 and the Wii have similar gamers and they are technologically closer than the Wii and their HD competitors.

Many have argued that the Wii is not a next-gen console, but is in fact a more technologically advanced version of the previous generation’s consoles. Many game developers have shunned the Wii for this very reason. Has Sony essentially look on the Wii as the same thing?

The conclusion makes sense considering the PS2’s continued hot sales. But to rank the PS2 and the Wii in the same generation makes little sense, considering that the PS2 has limited 480p ability as compared to the Wii, as well as the lack of a motion system and paltry downloadable content. What it lacks in firepower it makes up for in the PS2’s extensive game library.

The conclusion also makes sense from a standpoint that PS3 gave up on backwards compatibility. Sony tried and tried to sell a more expensive console that had backwards compatibility, but the PS2 and the Wii kept selling at a higher volume. They could produce PS2s much cheaper than PS3s so they decided to split the price different and use the PS2 to cut into the Wii’s market share and instead focus the PS3’s efforts on the XBox. I see Sony saying little for or against the Wii lately, likely for this reason.

The gaming market continues to become more dynamic. We’ve never had a market where the line between the last generation and the next has become skewed until now. What does this hold in store for the future?


  • Steve Edwards said:

    Next-Gen / Current-Gen / Last-Gen … What does it all matter really? Individual consumers will buy a console that does exactly what they’re looking for and for a price they’re happy to pay. Elitism aside, although some consoles are more technically advanced not everybody wants that. Some do and they get what they pay for. The lines between console generations are indeed blurred, and it’s a good thing. We have more choice now than we’ve ever had before.

  • Sean Aaron said:

    Well, it’s definitely less hideous than the original PS2, but really the PS2 ship has sailed, so I don’t think this will have much impact. The only way I could be tempted would be if the VC Arcade turns out to be stillborn and none of my favourite Midway and Atari games get released on it and then it’s still not likely due to the wired controllers and the fact that a 3rd console would be pretty much impossible to fit into my existing cabinet…

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