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Wii Sports Resort: A Noob’s Perspective

Written by Sherlock on Friday, 14 August 2009One Comment

And skydiving into the Wii Sports Resort to begin your game experience is…. another person’s mii.  Hmmm.  So much for first impressions.

Or, maybe not… the other mii jumps out of a plane and falls rapidly toward the island below.  My first experience with the Wii Motion Plus makes my character float, dive, or turn in mid-air with a turn of the remote.  I’m soon joined by an enclave of other skydiving miis that join up in formation.  I look above at the blue cloudy sky and the scenery below and realize I’m about to experience quite a treat.   We all open our parachutes and decend to play.

I’m greeted by a screen full of games to play.  I see some classics, such as golf and bowling, but see some newcomers to the Wii Sports reportoire, such as table tennis and frisbee.  I figure I’ll give a few games a try first time out.  I don’t want to throw my shoulder out. But, what should I try first?

Nothing better than table tennis by the pool

Nothing better than table tennis by the pool

Table tennis seems like a good way to start.  I lay the wiimote flat on a table as it calibrates the sensor for the best sensitivity.  It seems there are several games to choose in each section, but I have to unlock any but the basic.

I stare at my first opponent and wonder how difficult this will be.  I also notice the detail.  Nintendo certainly nailed the details properly, giving you soft edges and bold colors.  Its perfect for this style of game.  And look, my wife’s mii cheers for me.  How sweet.

I press A to serve and rear back.  I hit a one hopper into the body of my opponent, who proceeds to shank his next shot.  He must be the fresh meat they serve you at the beginning to get your confidence boosted.  I hit a few hard winners after he floats some shots in and easily win 6-0.

I move promptly to my next opponent, where I lose 4-6.  Fresh meat indeed.

Never fear.  The next opponent falls 6-3.  Then I beat the next.  And the next.  And the next.

I must be pretty good at this stuff, eh?

I quickly raise my overall score to 600 and sweat out 10 pints.  That didn’t take long.  The clock says I had played for… 45 minutes.

OK, so it took a little longer than I thought.  I’ll be back to this later.  It seems I’m good enough to rack up a decent score.  Onto another game.

Basketball.  Now here’s a game where I’d like to improve over my real self.  Let’s see…grab the ball by pointing down at the rack and pressing B. Raise the wiimote over the head, flick the wrist at the top of the mii’s jump, and hit the… clank.  Hmmm.  Flick the wrist and…miss completely.

Multicolored is good

Multicolored is good

Oh no.  It can’t be. Am I… as good at Wii basketball as I am at real basketball?

Time to put up or shut-up.  My mii puts on its best short-shorts and sneakers and walks up to the first rack of balls.  5 racks line the 3 point line with 6 balls a piece.  The last multi-colored ball counts for 2 if you make it, just like the NBA All-Star contest.  I have 60 seconds to make as many as I can in 3…2…1…GO!

I clank the first one.  The second line ropes low and off the backboard and misses the rim.  The third goes over the backboard… right.

I re-adjust.  The next 5 hit the rim but don’t go in.  I’m moving around the arc.  Clank…clank…clank.  Raise the wiimote too soon and miss the ball, have to go back.  Clank. 0 through the first 3 racks and I’m running out of time.

I start rushing.  I miss everything with a few, hit the rim with a few.  None go in.

I’m on the last rack and have 10 seconds.  I heave the first two as quick as I can.  5 seconds left.  I take my time on the last ball.  I jump, toss up a nice spiral, and– clank.  0.

Sigh.  I’m an unhappy mii in tight shorts.  I have to try that again to redeem myself.

Next game.  I take my time.  I cork a high arc that… makes it in!  Good lord!  Can it be? There is a God! I miss the next two.  I spoke too soon.  But I hit the multi-colored ball and get to 3! 3 after the first rack!  Hope reigns supreme.  I finish my round with… 9.

I must need bigger shorts.  Time for another game.  I’m only a glutton for so much punishment.

Ain't he cute?

Ain't he cute?

Frisbee.  There’s a game that everyone can love, the universal language, frisbee.  There might be peace in the world if everyone just played frisbee together.

I enter into the path and am greeted by the most adorable little mii-dog that ever existed.  What a cute little thing.  And what a little high pitched bark.  The little puppy brings me my frisbee to practice.  The controls are pretty sensitive and capture the true nature of throwing a frisbee.  I can tilt my wrist back and make the disc float or curve the frisbee.  The physics resemble the actual outdoors. I accidentally let go of the remote and forget I don’t have a frisbee its so close to the real thing.  Fortunately, the wrist strap is on.  I don’t want a youtube moment with my wiimote sticking out of an expensive flat screen.

I pop a few balloons to practice and its on to the real thing.  I toss the frisbee toward a target and make sure my dog can catch it within the bulls-eye for 100 points.  If he jumps for it, its another 50.  After a couple successful tosses, bonus balloons appear, where if you pop the balloon and have the dog catch it in the bull-eye, you get your score plus the bonus on the balloon.  This game is simple, but enjoyable and relaxing.

I take a rest for a bit and let my wife take over.  She goes for swordplay. Apparently you’re on a platform over a body of water and your task is to knock your opponent into the water. The poor saps don’t stand a chance.  She pounds those guys right into the water after a few strokes. At least its better than boxing.  That game wasn’t worth what they paid to create it.

Finally, I get to try a game I’ve been waiting to play, the airplane flyovers.  It only takes 5 minutes for me to realize that this will become the most addicting game I’ve played yet.  The controls are as simple as moving the remote in the direction you want the plane to go.  You can cut the engine out to control speed or glide on the water.  And you can fire flares.  Don’t quite know what those do.

Don't worry, if you crash, you parachute back just fine

Don't worry, if you crash, you have a parachute

I’m supposed to find information bubbles.  There’s 80 of them, according to the screen shown when I take off.  Can’t be that hard.  Oh, there’s one on top of the blimp.  And one on top of the lighthouse thing. I can see that information bubbles must lay around objects that seem interesting to the eye, so I go toward the field of windmills and find two more around the area.

The scenery here is well detailed.  The water glistens from the sun, the trees have clear branches, and the golf courses have tee markers and pins.  Planes fly overhead, whales surface from the water, and people drive on the roads.  Unfortunately, you only can fly around for 5 minutes at a time, and my time is up.  I found 6 balloons the first time around.  I must go again.

I fire up a flare just for fun as soon as I take off.  I’m surprised to see that my blue flare is met with a yellow one close by.  I fire another one just to make sure I’m not seeing things.  Sure enough, another yellow flare meets my blue one.  I fly toward the flare and find an aircraft.  Its Miguel the guide plane and he has an information balloon.  Apparently he guides me to some information balloons on the island if I follow him.  He decides to take me right into a tunnel.  Fortunately, I have a parachute, because my plane ends up in the sea.

Another 5 minutes go by and I find another 7 balloons.  I could do this all day.  And I do.  3 hours later, I’ve found 71 balloons and found some in the day, in the evening, and at night.  This game won’t get old until I’ve completed it.

Maybe sometime soon I’ll pick up another motionplus so I can play the two player battle games.  Until then, even after a few of the games, I can see this will be a game I can’t put down.

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  • trglasgow said:

    nice review for some of the games sherlock. I took particular note of your wife and the sword beating she gave out (my girlfriend does the same actions lol)

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