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Internet Channel now free!

Written by FooFan on Tuesday, 1 September 200911 Comments

Good news comes with the latest update from Nintendo!

You should have a message arriving to your Wii shortly, if you haven’t had one already, letting you know that there is an update for the Internet channel which includes a newer version of adobe Flash, making more website conetnt available to you.

Also included in the message is the announcement that the Internet channel has now been made free for everyone to download. Great news, but what if you’ve already paid 500 points to get it?? Well good news for you too, because between late October and the end of December, you will be able to download a Virtual Console NES title, worth 500 Points, for free!

More details to follow closer to the date.


  • biddenden_sue said:

    I think that’s a most valuable gesture from Nintendo, Now I wish I hadn’t ignored that sexy pulsating light while watching a DVD all afternoon!

  • Burnout2006 said:

    At least there’ll be a NES game for free, would be annoyed if there was nothing for us 500 pointers lol

  • M_the_C said:

    ‘Tis indeed a nice move on Nintendo’s part.

    I don’t use it often, but it is nice to have around to quickly look something up.

  • johnwaller1 said:

    All good then, glad we are gonna get something for our 500 points we spent too! happy days :)

  • Funky D said:

    Bought a wii on Friday.. awesome..
    but did also want iplayer but delayed buying the internet channel.. now i’m glad but….

    I can load the page, but when i try and watch something it just sits there with the loading “circle” forever. I read that the new IC has upgraded the flash player, could this be a problem, or as a wii newbie have i done something wrong?

  • Biddenden_Sue said:

    I shouldn’t think you’re doing anything wrong. The success with iPlayer varies greatly depending on other things.

    Try again at a different time, and make sure nothing else is using the wifi connection at the same time.

    Some people never have much luck, others have great success. It’s all to do with how much priority your router allocates to the wii for bandwidth etc.

    I find it works very well in the day but rubbish in the evenings (unfortunately). Bear in mind that as the Wii has no internal memory to speak of, there is no buffer. The BBC assure us they are working to improve the service for wii users though.

  • Leedsgooner said:

    Ahh, that’s what the flashing blue light was last night then, will download that tonight then…….Sweet !

  • MilkyMalky said:

    Must of missed this blog, as I was just about to post this on the forum, until I found it here.

    It really is great news, both for people who have yet to get the channel and those of us who paid for it as we are effectively getting a refund.

    Nice one Nintendo! :)

  • Biddenden_Sue said:

    There is a problem with the update. It appears that it has temporarily left us without BBC iPlayer (apologies to Funky D for the above incorrect advice)

    The update gives us Adobe Flash Lite 3.0, which iPlayer is not compatible with. Both Nintendo and the BBc have pledged to fix the problem as quickly as ;possible, so either iPlayer will be updated to regain its compatibility with the Wii, or we can expect a further update from Ninty.

    Minor hitch, hopefully.

    Here’s a useful thread to follow on the BBc site if you wish to keep updated:

  • Phil said:

    I think that this was a good idea by nintendo.
    the only problem is that it said i would be refunded but i havn’t yet any one know if this is still happening??

  • Phil said:

    Opps didnt read the rest i now know

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