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Introducing the Today and Tomorrow Channel!

Written by FooFan on Wednesday, 9 September 200917 Comments

If your Wii is glowing blue today then it’ll be because of the latest channel to be available for your Wii menu!

Check your daily fortune and get hints on relationships, activities and even the types of food that your horoscope recommends with the free Today & Tomorrow Channel.

Your friends and family can join in the fun, as up to six people can take part by registering their Mii character and date of birth. You will all then receive a detailed daily fortune in five categories: love, work, study, communications and money. The next day’s fortune is displayed every evening, so you can check ahead of time before a big day.

As well as providing your fortune, the Today & Tomorrow Channel can also give you lifestyle tips, including activities that can improve your daily life and suggestions about what to eat, all based on your horoscope. You can even check the compatibility of different Mii characters for the day. Use this feature to see how you will get along with your friends and family – could be useful if you are planning a long car journey!

After having a little play around with it, it’s quite good fun! My luck points for today are 60, with 4/5 bars in the love department ;) I got some food tips, which were Mushrooms, Local Food and Rice(Planning on having a curry tonight!) and my lucky colour for today is Chestnut. As for fun tips, I was told TV would be a good idea, and with the england game on later I think that’s a good call!

The channel is free to download and I’d recommend giving it a go.


  • Nick said:

    I think Nintendo must have had an in-house competition for who could produce the most pointless channel.

  • Sue Brown said:

    Sorry, but I totally agree. I don’t even want to download this channel. I hate astrology and horoscopes - avoid it like the plague!

    Is this the best they can give us? :-(

  • M_the_C said:

    I too will not be downloading this. For someone who doesn’t care about horoscopes either way it sounds like it could be fun for a few days, everyone else already knows where they stand.

    This channel has been out in Japan for almost a year now, I wonder why it took so long to arrive? Assuming a testing period of a few months that still leaves a long delay, did it just take them that long to find an EU person\company to fill in the information?

    Nice write-up though.

  • J-Monks said:

    I see this as a very pointless idea.

    The only reason i could possibly think of downloading this is to have a laugh, as Foo’s write-up as clearly expressed - especially about the England game and the love bars, get in there Fooster. ;)

  • FooFan (author) said:

    Listen to you grumpy lot!

    I don’t take any of this seriously either, but I can see myself checking it out every now and then when I;m on the Wii just for a laugh and to see if anything along those lines happens.

    I mean, look at the TV one… A coincidence England won 5-1?? I think not! ;D No such return on the love one though =[

  • ror100 said:

    Sorry but this is a total pile of tripe!

    Nuff said.

  • Phil said:

    I have recently download this channel on my wii, it is a complete and utter waste of time. the content in it is just stupid predictions and will only be used by casual gamers or freak i’m nowing going to un install this crap off my wii.

  • trglasgow said:

    I downloaded this channel (like we get a lot of choice) it was ok but as everyone has stated not what we’re looking for at all. predictions where fun but it’s not going to keep your attention for long.

    I was wondering what other channels we where getting/missing so did a wikipedia search.

    Japan had wii no ma released on may 1st 2009 (there was also a tv guide and food delivery channel as well but this sounded more interesting)this sounds more up my street a video on demand service with games, cartoons etc. to keep the kids content but no sign of a release over here.

    if it took a year for the today tomorrow channel to be released maybe this time next year we’ll have something like wii no ma (to look forward to).

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  • stone81 said:

    If your Wii is glowing blue today then it

  • egner48 said:

    If your Wii is glowing blue today then it

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  • Jailbreak Wii said:

    I am not too sure about this

  • hotels in said:

    I have never used this channel, I don’t think it was that popular

  • Evan said:

    This is a great channel i go on it every day and it’s always right i absoloutley love it :)

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