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North American Club Nintendo launches (in beta?)

Written by bidden_sue on Wednesday, 17 December 20087 Comments

After years of Japanese exclusivity, the North American version of Club Nintendo has finally launched. Club Nintendo is a membership service designed to reward faithful Nintendo customers with exclusive gear; pre-existing members can transfer their memberships to the Club Nintendo and newcomers are being invited to register on the official web site.

To gain coins, the currency used to “purchase” the bonuses, you must first register your products and then complete surveys. 60 coins are awarded for registering a Wii game, 40 points are awarded for registering a DS game, and 10 coins are awarded for Wii Shop purchases. Club members can also earn more coins by indicating that they intend to buy a game ahead of the purchase, which awards an additional 10 coins, and registering a new release within four weeks of its debut, which also awards 10 extra coins.

Prize prices range from 300 coins to 800 coins, with a Wii remote holder for 300 coins at the lowest end of the spectrum and the exclusive Game & Watch Collection DS game for 800 coins at the highest. As Siliconera points out, this would effectively make the most expensive item cost $800… if calculated using the coins from $50 and $30 Wii and DS games.

Read the whole article here:

North American Club Nintendo launches (in beta?)


  • Sherlock said:

    Wooo?? Should I be happy about this?

  • biddenden_sue (author) said:

    Well, that all depends. I’m not sure how things are at the moment.

    We have always had stars when we register Nintendo games at the Club Nintendo website. In the past they could be redeemed for such wonderul exclusives as wallpapers and screensavers for PC or mobile phones. Then came the big breakthrough that we could exchange them for Wii Shop points to buy VC and WiiWare games, plus there was actual merchandise we could exchange stars for. I have had a Mario games rack and a Pokemon bookmark so far, in between all the Shop Points.

    Have you ever had anything similar in the States? If not, then yeah, be excited, because it is something for nothing! ;-)

  • Sherlock said:

    Not a thing, at least, not yet. We don’t get stars on games, though, unless they’re going to start giving away stars on Nintendo games, so I’m still not totally sure how this is going to work.

  • biddenden_sue (author) said:

    Well, it says you are going to start seeing “coins” cards to redeem inside your Nintendo games (not third party), so until you buy a new Ninetndo game, you won’t know if it’s all up and running.

    The redemption system sounds totally different to ours. You’ll be getting 60 coins for a Wii game, whereas we get about 200 stars, I think. And your merchandise starts at about 300 coins. Well, I can tell you, I exchanged 400 stars for this here Pokemon bookmark, and it’s just a bit of printed card! So unless you buy loads of games, you won’t see much at the lower end of the scale. Also in our system, 400 stars gets you 100 shop points, which is a fifth of a NES game.

  • Adam said:

    At last a reward scheme worth using from them,its all a matter of opinion i think!!

  • Mobleader said:

    So although Sue takes the credit this is written completely by somebody else?

    Nice site

  • Wiis4less said:

    Sounds good. Hopefully it will be as good as they say it will be.

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