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The Price Chart: The Debate Continues

Written by Sherlock on Monday, 2 February 20093 Comments

Sony has lagged behind XBox and the Wii in sales globally, so, about a month ago, to combat this problem, they released a price comparison chart featuring the “prices” of all three systems. 

Sigh.  We all know what this means.

Sony seems to think that its base price is actually cheaper for a similar performing XBox, key words being “similar performing.”  They acknowledge a $200 cheaper base price than XBox, but give it a $100 higher price tag, bottom line, and are sure to point out the features it still doesn’t have.  While it doesn’t directly call out the Wii as a fraud, it does point out that it doesn’t have the blu-ray and claims its online is more limited. 

We ask the question all the time: what do the systems actually cost?  The truth is, it always depends on what you want out of your experience.  The truth is also in sales statistics, as Sony continues to lag well behind the Wii and behind the XBox.

This seems a bit of a desperation attempt to change opinion to me.  I am a PS3 owner and I’ve enjoyed the console, but for the value, the Wii definitely reigns above both consoles.  The XBox proves the best for the hardest gamer, while the PS3 gives the best value for those looking for a total entertainment experience.  Thusfar, it seems the value continues to win out, not surprisingly, in a lagging global economy.

But, we can’t stop them from trying. It at least gives people fodder for conversation.


  • bidden_sue said:

    Indeed it does, Sherls. And here we are discussing this age old subject once again, stoking the fire once again.

    Yep, I dare say each manufacturer could produce figures to suggest that their console is the best value for money, but it doesn’t change one crucial fact…The Wii is winning the sales war hands done!!!

  • MilkyMalky said:

    I have to say I remember reading that price comparison chart last month and laughing. However having said that, it must be difficult for Sony in such tough economic times to shift the “value” mentality of the masses into their favour.

    As we’re seeing its not necessarily “value for money” per say that is what people are wanting the most in these times, its more “which of these similar things is the cheaper option”.

    Until that straight comparison by potential customers of a PS3 against a Wii or a 360 is changed, (i.e. instilling the belief that a PS3 is “more” than just a games console, and therefore ’should’ cost more, and even more importantly is more of a “required purchase” than people currently see it) I can only see things getting worse for Sony in the coming months.

  • i_love_free_wii_online_play said:

    What it boils down to is value for money. I personally think the Wii is the ultimate in this factor - superb interactive gameplay, with a cheap price tag. And of course free online play!

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