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My thoughts on casual gamers

Written by doylen05 on Thursday, 4 December 2008One Comment

Its been 2 years since the wii launched and it is been a huge success .With its success we have saw the raise of casual gamers and in turn abnormal gamers such as your auntie, mum and your next door neighbour although this is great for the strength of the industry it raises thoughts in my head, we all (as gamers) like to feel slightly out casted and shunned by non-gamers its just how we like it

I know by raising the point I am about to I sound selfish and arrogant but its just been on my mind lately. As a gamer I like to talk about games I also like the feeling that it is a niche and only a few people understand what I’m talking about. The wii has changed this slightly by bringing out games like animal crossing it is no longer weird to talk about games around the dinner table. Although this is a good thing, in a strange way I like that my mum doesn’t know the story behind Hyrule or why link does what he does, in a strange way I like being in my gaming little bubble shielded from the out side.

I also like that my gaming life is separate from my “real” life but I personally feel that because of casual games the bubble is becoming weaker and gaming is becoming part of every day conversation its not that im against casual games I just don’t want to sit down one day to hear my Mum talk about what she bought in animal crossing that to me would ruin the illusion that games have on me and the bubble would probably burst

I relies that this was selfish but I just how I feel

Thanks for taking the time to read my thoughts

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  • Sean Aaron said:

    I don’t think the rise in casual gaming necessarily means the end of that “niche” feeling; do you really think that a game like Metroid Prime or Resident Evil has sufficiently broad appeal that you’ll be chatting about those at the supper table?

    And surely being able to enjoy any aspect of your chosen hobby with a potential life partner or family member only increases feelings of closeness and mutual understanding?

    No, I’d have to say that the broadening of gaming’s appeal will ultimately be a positive thing. It will be negative if developers fail to broaden their creativity beyond puzzles and shooting games and the current boom turns into a bust from which gaming struggles to recover. We should embrace the broadening of the marketplace and hope for a greater variety of quality games, which I think is the best future for gaming.

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