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Drought ahead??

Written by a WiiTalk member on Friday, 12 December 200813 Comments


So this year (2008) was an amazing year for Nintendo, it brought “hardcore” and casual games with it e.g. Super Smash Bros. and WiiFit
but has Nintendo anything up their sleave for 2009 or is there a drought ahead of us.

As most of us probably already know, Nintendo have said that the next Zelda/Mario game wont be until 2010 (at least) so with the big names not coming next year what do you think Nintendo will do??
Do you think that 2009 will be a big year for the casual and not for the long term Nintendo fan? We already know that motion plus should be out next year and with it another casual game. The motion Plus device should make the wii’s movments more acurate. So this must be a good thing right? Hopefully there is stronger 3rd party development in 2009 because 3rd party in 2008 was weak to say the least. Hopefully developers use wiimotion + and show us just how great the remote can be.
One thing is for certain though; the wii will bring a lot of expectations into 2009 and hopefully it all goes the right way.

Please leave comments, i’d love to hear what people think about Nintendo’s plans for next year.


  • n3ilb77 said:

    Red Steel 2 with Motion Plus will be mental, is that pencilled in for 2009?

  • Fallen124 said:

    Scheduled games for 2009:

    World of Goo
    Wii Sports Resort
    GameCube Re-makes
    Endless Ocean 2
    Sonic and the Black Knight
    Tenchu 4
    Super Mario Sluggers
    House of the Dead: Overkill
    Lost Winds 2
    Sin & Punishment 2
    Tatsunoko vs Capcom
    No More Heroes 2
    Kororinpa 2
    The Conduit
    (as already mentioned) Red Steel 2
    Dead Rising
    And also, Mario+Zelda have been penned for December at the moment…

    Not much games? I don’t think so…

  • doylen05 said:

    im sure its been said that mario and zelda wont be here till 2010

  • Fallen124 said:

    They’re expected late 2009/early 2010…

  • Sean Aaron said:

    There’s still more to come. Next year we’re going to see some serious 3rd party releases in Japan that will hopefully get released worldwide; EA is apparently also readying some stuff.

    I’m really not concerned about a drought on the Wii.

  • SammyPegs said:

    Fallen, thats a great list! But how can you leave out Monster Hunter 3, Deadly Creatures, Arc Rise Fantasia, Fragile, Final Fantasy and Resident Evil remake?

    It looks like a good year to me but I also think it’s make or break year for Nintendo!

  • doylen05 said:

    yeh there are alot of good titles there but if you look at what nintendo sells (in europe) there are none that share simalaraties - wiisports 2 with there current top sellers this is my big worrie all thoughs wiis and most of the people that own them dont buy games put it this way how meny wii games have you bought this year compared to xbox/ps3/pc games ??

  • Sean Aaron said:

    Well, I don’t buy 360/PS3/PC games, so all my games were Wii games and I have over 2 dozen since I got my system in October 2007.

    Clearly I’m not the typical Wii owner!

  • zoidy said:

    also there is PES2009 … the trailer looks brilliant and there have addressed many of the issues raised with the 2008 edition!

  • Flick said:

    A class-based (FPS) as suggested by Nicko for 2009 would be amazing!

  • mastiffchild said:

    Yeah, it’s been mentioned a few times that now Wii speak is here something along the lines of TF2 would be great. I can’t see why they can’t do a decent port of that tbh as the cartoony graphics would be easy to do on theWii-it’s the thing it does best visually far better than it does photo realism. Perhaps do it the way they are with Killzone2 on PS3 where you ave more customisation of the classes. But certainlty if motion plus works well FPS games should really benefit and with The Conduit 2 already planned and being scripted maybe that will be the one to grab the mantle as I’m pretty sure that COD MW2 won’t be Wii bound as IW don’t want to do it.
    There are loads of great third party games coming this year(for the first time in any great number if we’re hnest. You also have to think that Capcom will give Wii owners a new Resu as well as the remake as Resi5 is amazing and gong only to theHD brothers.
    You can add Sadness to the list as well(if it gets made!!!)as Cursed Mountain (which I was lucky enough to get a glimpse of at a friends house who knows people on the dev team he had a bit of footage on CD and it looks really innovative), Muramasa, Fatal Frame 4(85/100 in Famitsu)and, imo, definitely Zelda for Xmas(along with Punchout, S&P2 and the play on Wii range(hopefully they put some cool multiplayer,a la Hunters, in with the disc for MP1 and 2)no Ninty are gonna have somethng for us too-and don’t count out a new F-Zero).
    All in all a great looking year for Wii(and I could add a few more that are woprth a look but nobody’s got the cash for them all so at last we get the chance to be picky with Wii games!Great year on PS3 for exclusives as well as the great PS360 multi plats whereas s far MS have kept their powder typically dry(though after the thefts of last year(Miis/avatars, Singstar/Lips anyone? perhaps thats as well)unless you like Halo and nothng else! I’m sure E3 will see a few exclusive 360 titles mind so all round it looks a far better year than even the past two.
    Personally I was really disappointed with Wiis line up last year(6 good games by my reckoning-Z&W,SSBB(lag killed it online),MKWii,NMH,Boomblox,CODWaW-i don’t count the fab Okami port)but this year should be the best yet. God we all forgot Pikmin3!
    PS-Dead Rising looks terrble-even worse than the risable 360 effort and I didn’t think they could make that game more shoddy!HoTD Overkill , mind, makes shoddy a total advantage!

  • James said:

    Some good games to come I think.
    You can pre-order Red Steel 2 at The Wii Game Shop . They reckon the release date is Oct 30th, which for me, can’t come soon enough. I loved the first Red Steel and hope this one will live up to expectations!
    Use this link to check out all the latest Wii new releases:

  • Zoe Matthews said:

    Meikle has, would ay have more.

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