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Class based gaming

Written by Nicko on Thursday, 4 December 20086 Comments

Right, now it’s a bit of a vague blog title (one which may lead you to believe that the Queen is accepting challenges on SSBB), so I’d better explain what I mean. Whilst I was typing the previous blog, the “Return to Castle Wolfenstein” part in particular, it reminded me of a great class system that the game used whilst playing online.

Basically there were four classes; soldier, engineer, medic and lieutenant.

Soldiers were your bog standard units with no special features other than starting with more ammo than everyone else.

Engineers had the special ability to arm and disarm explosive devices (with a nifty little pair of pliers), something which was vital in objective based games. They could also fix machine gun emplacements and, as a compensation for reduced ammo, started with more grenades than the others.

Medics are pretty self explanatory. They had the ability to drop medi-packs for the other players, and also to heal dead players using a little syringe.

Lieutenants were quite similar to the regular soldier class, except they could drop ammo packs for other players, and also call in airstrikes and tank barrages by using special smoke grenades.

Now I for one loved this way of playing. It felt like you really had a role to play in the game, rather than the monotony of a Deathmatch mode. Now it may just be that I’ve overlooked them, but I can’t seem to remember too many other games that use a system like this. One of the most popular shooters out today (Call of Duty 4) uses a class system, but it’s quite different as you’re all soldiers except the weapon choice can be different. An organised team will allow for different roles (i.e. snipers covering the soldiers) but it’s not quite the same feeling as when playing Wolfenstein.

Has anyone else come across a similar game? Did you enjoy it, or not? Discuss WiiTalkers…..

P.S. Sorry for the short one, but hopefully it will spark a bit of discussion


  • Sean Aaron said:

    Jedi Academy’s online mode was similar and I think many FPS games started doing this, but really it was more about starting weapons; what you’ve described above is pretty interesting and I think something that would be great if implemented more widely, even in a single-player game.

  • Flick said:

    Actually I would really like to find out more about games like this. I did mention in another comment that I would love to see Team Fortress Classic (and TF2 if it were possible) on the Wii.

    TFC is what I regard as a brilliant class-based game and I really miss playing it on the PC (not quite as popular as it was).

    There are, however, more than 6 classes, and it is a ‘team based’ game, but seriously, if Valve (or another company) could create a game like this for the Wii that works well with the hardware, it will definitely be bestseller - I’d actually queue for it instead of just scouting around for ‘best deals’ as I am at the moment!

    p/s: Where’s the subscribe-to-post function on :)

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