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Wii Sports Resort (Wii) - due out 24th July

Written by M_the_C on Thursday, 25 June 20093 Comments

Motion Plus has already been released, I haven’t had a chance to play with it myself, however the real launch for me will be with Wii Sports Resort.

I expect Wii Sports Resort to be a real indicator of what we can expect from the expanded control system over the coming year.  Third-party developers may push us into new realms of possibility, but we can always expect Nintendo’s key games to show a much wider range of what their hardware is capable of, as Twilight Princess did on launch and Super Mario Galaxy further down the line.  As Wii Sports introduced us to the Wiimote, I expect Wii Sports Resort to do something similar with Motion Plus, even if to not so great an extent.

Following in the expanded Wii world last seen in Wii Fit, it’s as if the Wii itself is growing.  We will once again get to see the perky dog that joined us in our jogging trips and the peaceful island where healthy competition is a way of life.  Wii Sports Resort will feature more games than Wii Sports, with a total of twelve.  These will be:

Power Cruising
Table Tennis
Air Sports

The most exciting of these for me is the Swordplay, not because of the game itself but because of what it will mean about future titles, will we one day see a proper Star Wars game with 1:1 lightsabre action?

Wii Sports Resort is due to be released in the UK on 24th July and in other regions on:

Australia - 23rd July 2009
Japan - 25th June 2009
North America - 26th July 2009

See here for more screenshots.


  • MilkyMalky said:

    Your last line about “lightsabre 1:1 action” pretty much sums up my anticipation and expectation of what could be achieved with Wii Motion Plus.

    I just hope this apparent potential is realised, otherwise I think a lot of people are going to be let down. Here’s hoping.

    And great blog as well - cheers!

  • biddenden_sue said:

    While I find this game extremely appealing, having already been a great fan of Wii Sports and Wii Fit, I am again disappointed at the price!

    The cheapest I can find it is £40 - that’s about £10 dearer than Wii Play can be purchased for, which includes a remote.

    Now, I also notice that they are encouraging Wii Sports Resort to be played as two player, but again, that will require ANOTHER motion plus peripheral, so the true cost of the game will be £55. I don’t know about the rest of you, but it’s going to be a while before I can fork out that much money for a game.

    I still truly believe that the motion plus peripheral should be virtually “given away” to increase game sales.

    Apart from that, can I just say - Go Reggie! Woop woop! (I’d love to play Power Cruising with him! hehe)

  • FooFan said:

    The big WiiMotionPlus game for me is definitely Red Steel 2. I agree that the swordfighting part of Resort is the most interesting, so I feel a whole game based on this(With a little shooting added in for good measure ;)) will really show the potential for future Wii games using this device.

    At the moment, I can only see myself picking resort up if it supports online multiplayer. As much as I wasnt to get my hands on WiiMotionPlus, I’m happy to wait until Red Steel 2 which would seem like a better investement to me.

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