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Mario Party 8 Review

Written by FooFan on Friday, 5 December 20083 Comments

Written by Wii_Man76

Within 24hrs of this game being released here in the UK it was sharply withdrawn/recalled from sale. It transpires that certain wording in the game (that is fine everywhere else in the world) was likely to cause offence here in the UK.

Despite the recall I still got my copy on the original release date as I had pre-ordered it on the internet and it was sent in the post before the recall came in to operation.

There are 5 main parts of this game as follows:

Party Tent
Star Battle Arena
Minigame Tent
Extras Zone
Fun Bazaar

The Star Battle Arena is the single player mode of the game which you need to complete to unlock the ‘Bowser’ section in the Party Tent… The Minigame Tent is where you can practice all the minigames you have unlocked in the game so far. The Extras Tent features 8 more minigames that you wont find in the game itself. The Fun Bazaar is where you can spend your carnival cards that you have earnt by playing the other parts of the game.

I have saved the best part of the game until last…

The Party Tent is the best part of the game as this is where 4 of you can compete against each other!

Within the Party Tent itself, you have a further 3 options to choose from:

Battle Royale – Up to 4 players playing against each other.
Tag Battle – 2 teams of 2 playing against each other.
Duel Battle – 1 or 2 players, playing against each other.

In each of the 3 options you can select the computer as 1 or more players.

The Battle Royale is the one I shall concentrate on in this review as it is the one that I have played the most on, simply as it is the most fun!Once you have selected you characters you then need to choose which party-board stage to play! You can choose from the Donkey Kong based party-board to the Boo! Part-board.

Each of the party-boards is different and it is worth playing each and everyone, over and over again!

You begin each party-board by using the Wii controller to throw the dice to see who goes 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th etc.

The aim of each party-board is to collect as many stars as you can by the time the game is up. It varies on what you have to do to get the stars, but in essence you need to collect coins to either buy the stars, or to buy things to help you get to the stars.

After throwing the dice you move along the board the amount of spaces that you rolled and what happens next, depends on what spaces you pass or land on. If you land on a red spot you loose 3 coins, but if you land on a blue one you gain 3 coins! If you pass the candy shop and have enough money you can buy some candy which are the power-ups in this game!You can eat any candy that you have before you throw the dice. Some candy items will let you throw 2 or even 3 dice so you can get closer to getting the star whereas others will take candy or coins from any of the opponents that you pass after you have thrown the dice!

After all players have thrown the dice and moved along the party-board you are playing, you all play a minigame. Sometimes the minigame is all against all, other times it is 2 vs 2 and sometimes it is even 1 vs 3!!! There are many minigames that range from shooting at targets to being a monkey dodging coconuts to flying an aircraft being held up with balloons that one of you has to shoot at!


The game does not make use of the nunchuck but does make full use of the standard Wii controller. The graphics are crisp, bright and are some of the best I have seen on the Wii so far.

This is a fantastic fun game for people of all ages and is great for friends to play as well as being a family game too!

If you haven’t played this game yet, then get down to the shops NOW and buy it as you will not be disappointed!

I could talk about this game forever as it is such great fun, so if you have any questions then please ask as I will be only too pleased to reply!

Wii Mans Game Rating

Fun Factor: 9/10 - one of the best family fun games I have played so far!
Playability: 9/10 - you can practice each minigame (unlike Sonic), so great!
Gameplay: 9/10 - if the nunchuck was involved a lot then this would be 10
Graphics: 9/10 - crisp, clear and bright! Fun graphics for a fun game.
Sound/Music: 8/10 - great music for a great game.

Overall 44/50

*** A Wii Man Recommended Title ***


  • Armaniiiii said:

    I loved the DS version of the game but was somehow a bit disappointed with the Wii version.

    It just seems to take too long sometimes (riding dolphins etc) - I wish more could be skipped especially if you are playing against the console.

    I see there are quite a few of these on sale on an auction site for quite a bit less than the price I paid new… this makes me think not many people rate this game…but I could be wrong….

    Over all it is fun and family friendly. The colours are great and I want to live with the Chocco-Bo’s (spelling??)!!

  • Yagnaroopaya said:

    Wow! what an idea ! What a concept ! Beautiful .. Amazing

  • ShaggyGrl said:

    You made some good points. I did a search on this and think most people will agree with your blog.

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