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Guitar Hero: Metallica, Review

Written by J-Monkey on Monday, 8 June 2009One Comment

Format: Wii

Price: Game alone - £35, with guitar - £75.

Wi-Fi: Yes

Players: 1-4

Age: 12+

Developer: Activision

The legendary metal band Metallica, and the great concept of a Guitar Hero game makes it a must buy, yes? Well, no. It’s not a fantastic game. Despite the real metal feel to this game, and being a metal music fan myself, it’s not one that should perhaps be on your shopping list, but with that said, it’s far better than the first Guitar Hero band game; ‘Guitar Hero: Aerosmith’.

The songs inputted from Metallica’s perspective are brilliant, and that’s the point, is it not? But the game has boasted over the amount of guest acts that this game supplies, and although it does have many guest acts, the songs are either good, or bad. When I first saw the game, and saw the cover and saw the likes of Slayer, the Foo Fighters and Queen, so I was well up for this game. Sadly, all the songs from these bands are poor, which is a great disappointment. But then on the flip side, there’s the complete opposite effect where I see the bands like Machine Head, Alice in Chains and Social Distortion, and was rather impressed by those songs. But still, on the game there are only a few ‘jump around the room and rock out’ songs. And I could probably name them all in a breath: Toxicity (System of a Down), Ace of Spades (Motorhead) and The Boys are Back in Town (Thin Lizzy). What really matters, however, is the Metallica songs; my personal favourites being One, The Memory Remains and Frantic. But all of their classics are there too, Enter Sandman, for example.

The presentation somewhat lacks too. It seems to be a cross between Guitar Hero 3, Guitar Hero: World Tour, and Rock Band. It’s fair to say that these are the best bits of the presentation of the game. Guitar Hero 3 offers the great cartoon cut-scenes like we saw in GH3. The Guitar Hero: World Tour input is the ‘custom character’ option, but that’s hardly a big chunk of the game. Then Rock band puts in the Star system where you work your star rating up as your progress in the song. The Guitar Hero: Metallica bits are rather poor when it comes to presentation. The layout of the setlist is crammed, and has no band feel to it at all. Because of this, the Rock Ranking system is poor. The songs are too long, and you only play one of them to earn a rather average sum of $200 at the end of just one song, and if you’re playing on Expert, then expect that sum to be slashed immensely. Each Rock Ranking is around the same as the one on World Tour, but after playing it for around 5 hours, I haven’t got further than a Rock ranking of 4…

That’s enough of the bad points though; the guitar that you can buy to accompany the pack is exceptional. It’s very similar to the World Tour guitar in which the design, shape, and layout of the buttons is the same. If you have big enough hands (which I don’t), then with your strumming hand you can: strum with your thumb, use the whammy bar with your fingers, and activate star power with the palm of your hand. So unfortunately, I’ll have to stick with tilting the guitar. If you dare too, the neck slider offers a nice challenge to those who enjoy absolutely manic solos. Being like the World Tour guitar, it’s already great, but then the cover of the guitar makes it just that bit more special. With its red coat, and 2 skulls facing towards each other, it stands out from the rest of the stuff you’ve got piled up next to your Wii.

thumb to strum, fingers to whammy, and palm to activate star power.

Should you buy this game? If you’re a casual Guitar Hero, no. If you’re a hardcore Guitar hero, yes. If you’re a Metallica or a metal fan of any kid, most definitely. The idea was to make a game about Metallica, and they did that very well, and included an awesome guitar, but it’s just the other things like presentation and guest acts that let it down. 84%

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  • James said:

    Looks brilliant if you ask me! Metallica on my Wii can’t ever be a bad thing.
    I have just seen this for sale at The Wii Game Shop for a really cheap price. I will definitely be getting it!

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