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Monthly Round-up - July 2009

Written by M_the_C on Saturday, 1 August 20094 Comments

This is a rough chart of review scores for Wii games released in the UK within the month of June.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 - 88

Wii Sports Resort - 81

Bonsai Barber (WiiWare) - 79

Tales of Monkey Island Chapter 1:  Launch of the Screaming Narwhal (WiiWare) - 79

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles:  My Life as a Darklord - 73

The Conduit - 70

The Three Musketeers:  One for All! (WiiWare) - 70*

Gradius Rebirth - 68

The Bigs 2 - 68*

Heracles:  Chariot Racing (WiiWare) - 60

5 Spots Party - 60*

ColorZ - 60*

Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince - 59

Hysteria Hospital:  Emergency Ward - 53

Bit Boy!! (Wiiware) - 41*

Karate Phants:   Gloves of Glory (WiiWare) - 10*

No Reviews:

Driift Mania (WiiWare)

Release dates confirmed by Wikipedia. Pictures from Nintendo Life, Wikipedia and AmazonUK .
Aggregated review scores by Metacritic, * denotes that the game does not have enough reviews to conform to Metacritics four review requirement. These scores were calculated by the author. Scores accurate at time of posting.
If you find any discrepancies please post a comment below. Thank you.


  • red40 said:

    just got back from hols checking out the wiitalk blog
    looking at the scores here there’s not much to shout about it was the ds that won on holiday i like to play demos before buying but should i look at games under 70% ?

  • M_the_C (author) said:

    That’s a difficult question, The Conduit for example has an average of 70 yet some people on the forum think it deserves better.

    Generally speaking any game 70 or under is lacking in one or more area(s). In this case your best bet is to read the actual reviews to find out whether the part they disliked matters to you, why does it matter if the single-player is poor when you only intend to play multiplayer? The 60’s are where things start becoming noticeable poor (70 average, 80 good, 90 excellent) but even then there are exceptions.

    It’s all personal opinion in the end, if you’ve read a bit about the game and it sounds interesting you should probably just go for it.

  • red40 said:

    hi, i do think that you should give a game chance the controls can be make or break a game . .
    At least we have wiitalk for forum talk where some one will always have a opinion

  • MilkyMalky said:

    As MtheC says, it always worth reading reviews of a game you’re unsure about to learn why specifically a score is lower (or higher in some cases) than you hoped or expected.

    It could be that the main reasons for the abnormal score are for reason that don’t matter a bit to you indivdually. Conversely they could be things very important to you, and therefore the score is a good indicator of how you may percieve the game.

    And red40, I think you’re right, the forum does give us an excellent outlet to discuss pros and cons to games that reviewers may not highlight in their reviews.

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