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de Blob Review

Written by Fallen124 on Saturday, 6 December 2008No Comment

Title: de Blob
Format: Wii
Price:  RRP £25-£30
Wi-Fi: NO
Players: 4

               de Blob is a new 3rd party Wii game developed by BlueTongue. The game starts with a cut-scene showing Chroma City, a peaceful, colourful place, suddenly getting invaded by Inkies of the I.N.K.T. During the process, all civilians are kidnapped and drained of all colour and freedom so that they can be forced to work in the now black and white city. However, 5 brave characters resisted the mass arrest and escaped to become ‘Colour Revolutionarys’. These are Prof, Bif, Zip, Arty and your character.
               Before each level, you are given the choice of what mood of music you’d like to play to which range from Blissful to Jazzy, even one called Competitive! On the loading screen, your Wiimote pointer works as a paintbrush allowing you to scribble over the background while you wait. As you paint more, you get a treat of a comic book-style objective page.
               You play as ‘de Blob’, a transparent, well, blob! The aim of the game is to restore colour to the now-dull areas of the city and stop the evil I.N.K.T corporation before they do any more damage. You do this by collecting the wandering colour capsules and paint the levels, trees, buildings, the lot. As you play through the levels, you encounter timed challenges set by fellow coloured creatures. These come in 4 different types: there’s painting certain streets in certain colours, as set by Arty, squishing I.N.K.T troopers, more often than not set by Bif, Zip normally sets timed sprints and finally there’s Prof who instructs you to restore main landmarks with colour. Mixing colours are easy and sometimes vital for some of Arty’s tasks. The colours you can pick up are blue, yellow, and red from which you can mix into green, purple and orange. The maps are absolutely massive which helps to show just what the Wii is actually capable of. As you play through, you learn new moves to help you get about the areas of the city, such as the Zip-Jump, or Z-Jump, which simply requires you to lock onto each target in turn and jump for one to another. Once you’ve finished each stage, you unlock the stage as a speed-run mode.

               You play the game using the Wiimote + Nunchuk combo. Controls are very simple and easy to pick up. As you’d have thought, you walk (or rather slide) by using the Nunchuk’s control stick. Other actions are locking on which is done by holding the Z button, jumping by flicking the Wiimote downwards, centering the camera behind you with the C button, rotating the camera around you by pressing the sideways buttons on the D-Pad and using the compass to show you objectives/challenges with the A button.
               …and that’s just the story mode! Aswell as this, there’s a Free Paint mode where you can take as much time as you wish on any of the stages you’ve unlocked and a Multiplayer mode. In multiplayer, you have one paint capsule and the aim of the game is to paint as much as you can and rack up lots of points. The only thing is that the other player can lock on and jump at you to steal the paint so that they can get as much points as they can.
               Right, I reckon I’ve been going on for long enough, so I leave you with this message, GET THIS GAME!!

Definitely a 9.8/10 from me ;)

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