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‘Guitar Hero: On Tour - Decades’ Review.

Written by J-Monkey on Friday, 2 January 2009No Comment

To open my first review as a blogger I woul like to thank the mod’s / admin’s etc. for letting me become a blogger, and now with that said let’s get on with it. Guitar Hero: On Tour – Decades (Sequel of Guitar Hero: On Tour) on the Nintendo DS lets’ you have all the fun of a regular Guitar Hero game but on the DS.

     As discussed in the GH:OT review I did on the forum, the game was good, but the lack of songs and modes on it let it down. This is no exception. Unfortunately, only 2 more songs than on the last one is pretty poor, but that is really the only major flaw. It has bit and bobs that need improving like the length of playlists, but all this falls into the ‘amount of songs’ category. To make this a proper Guitar Hero game there are more songs needed and a proper store for purchasing guitars, covers, characters and songs.

     Now, the bad bit is out the way. Everything about the game is good. Mainly the selection of songs, despite the lack of them. Every playlist has got at least 3/5 good songs in there. Below I’ve featured a list of my favourite song in each playlist and the encore. Note my favourite song doesn’t include the encore.


Era - Best Song - Worst Song - Encore - Rating of Playlist

Modern - Ready, Set, Go! -  Tarantula - ****

2000’s - One Step Closer - I Believe In a Thing Called Love - *****

1990’s - No Rain - Down - ***

1980’s - La Bamba - You Give Love a Bad Name - ****

1970’s - Rock and Roll Band - Sweet Home Alabama - ***


The career mode is those 25 songs I’ve already mentioned but with a manager and unlockables like you would normally find in a GH game. Once you’ve completed the career you can unlock ‘victory songs’. Hurray. Let’s celebrate completed 25 songs on a four-fretted lightweight machine with song. Not really. As much as it’s a nice thought it really isn’t called for. Just put a price tag on them and make them purchasable with the infinites amount of money I never spend from endless amounts of Fall Out Trash on Expert. Loads of unlockable guitars on there as well and lots of different clothing to fully customise your rocker. As well as this there’s a Bass/rhythm career if you aren’t as confident on the guitar. It’s far easier and more manageable for beginners. But if you like playing guitar and with weapons as well then you can do a Guitar Duel career, which is terrible, hence why they axed it on World Tour. 

     In summary then, nothing has really changed from the last Guitar Hero: On Tour apart from the song quality on there. Of course, there are bits and bobs of improvement and still the big one of ‘more songs’, but all in all; this isn’t a bad game. 89%





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