Lately, the world of gaming has seen quite a few new consoles. But none of them are quite as revolutionary as the Nintendo Wii. There are a number of reasons for this, but the main reason has to be the simple fact that you can play some of the most awesome games on the Wii.

Fun games

If you just want to have some fun then the Wii has you covered. The Mario series is probably the most popular series on offer from Nintendo. There’s Super Mario and Mario Kart, as well as countless spinoffs. There are many other games that are just as fun too. There are 13044982013_1d566a5ae1_bmany different genres of games for you to explore as well, like fighting games, children’s games and even army games. You will not have any trouble finding a game you like to play all the time. Even if you are the kind of person who likes sports, you can choose from baseball, soccer, basketball, tennis, etc.

Exercise games

Another reason the Wii is so popular is because of the various exercise related games on offer. This is the intention with which the console was built. There are so many different exercises you can take up on the Wii to help you keep in shape. The Wii Fit is probably one of the most popular choices on the console. People are usually amazed when they realize they can find such popular games, which are entertaining and can actually help them keep in shape.

The Wii certainly has revolutionized the gaming industry. There is no reason why you shouldn’t enjoy the many benefits that this gaming console has to offer. If you haven’t already, it’s time you went online and got yourself a Wii console of your own. This is one decision you certainly won’t regret.